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  Your windshield provides more than just protection from bugs, rocks, and dust. It can prevent getting ejected and the roof caving in during a car accident. More importantly, a poorly-installed windshield can have negative effects on air bag deployment.

Replacing a windshield is not an easy process. Not only can an improper windshield repair cost more money down the road, it can cost the life of you or your loved ones. Unlike many glass companies, American GlassMaster’s repair quotes consider your window’s true state, and in many cases we can repair the windshield safely without replacing it.

We care about your windshield repair and auto glass needs, but more importantly, we care about the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones. Contact one of our trained customer service representatives for a detailed quote.
Windshield Repair and Window Installation services Corpus Christi | American GlassMasters
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The glass component of your automobile is one of the most vital elements of its vehicle restraint system. At American GlassMasters,
a full-service Automotive Glass Company, your safety is our main
American GlassMasters appreciates that your house is your domain. When it comes to installing residential glass, we understand our customers’ need to personalize their living space. At American GlassMasters, we promise the highest level of professionalism, performance, and customer service when installing commercial glass. We take pride in being the glass experts and we consider your customer needs our top priority!
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