automatic doors

Automatic Door Service and Repair

Commercial & Industrial Automatic Door Repair and Service

Automatic doors add convenience and elegance to any commercial setting. Serving Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas, our AAADM-certified technicians are trained to service all automatic door entrance system types. We service most brands of automatic door equipment – from automatic swing doors to automatic sliding glass doors and telescopic doors.

Put your trust in our expertise in automatic door hardware ranging from microwave sensors, infrared sensors, and holding beam sensors to gearboxes, motors, and microprocessor controls. Additionally, our team is capable of servicing any ADA automatic closer your property may have to ensure that your facility is ADA-compliant.

Some additional features and options include:

  • All Service Technicians are AAADM Certified (American Automatic Association of Door Manufacturers) to insure your doors comply with the latest safety standard
  • Energy Savings for extreme climate conditions
  • Convenience for your Customers to easily access your building
  • Safety of your employees and Customers

AAADM Certified